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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

One of the features of the Control Panel is support for multilingual user interface. In other words, it can display its text parts in different languages installed in the system.

This also allows to print system messages (e.g. error messages), display forms and tables in different languages.

Note: The display language of the context help section also depends on language selected in the Control Panel. Currently, the system is shipped with the help sections in Russian and English languages. You can update (or install new) help files via the Update System.

The Control Panel languages are also used to define language in which messages of the visual components are displayed, as well as the system messages in the public section of a site. To put this another way, the language selected in the Control Panel forms define the main language of a site.

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The multilanguage interface is built upon the use of special language files. Each system module supports a set of language files stored in folders; the folder names are the language abbreviations. Files in these folders contain messages and strings translated in the corresponding language.

The system is equipped with a full set of messages for English language. You can select the desired language installed in the system using the Control Panel toolbar buttons.

Important! The number of language installed in the system does not correlate in any way with the number of sites running on the system.

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