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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

Permissions to access functions of the system modules can be configured:

  • in the user group editing form, the Access tab:

    Here you can set access permissions of a given user group for all modules.

  • in a module settings form (Settings –> System settings –> Module settings):

    This form allows to assign the desired access level of all user groups to a given module.

Assigning permissions to access modules allows to define the scope of actions that a user is allowed to perform on the functions and content of a module.

Additional access permission configuration is done in the editing forms of modules that allow this (see Access to Content).

For example: the site administrator decides to entrust member of the Site editors group with editing pages of certain sections. To permit site editors create and edit sections and pages, assign the To accessible folders only permission to the Site editors group:

This will allow to define files and folders that the site editors can access. You will find an example of this configuration in the Controlling Access to Files and Folders lesson.

Besides that, the Advertising and banners and Helpdesk modules introduce roles to bring more flexibility. A role implies restricted predefined set of actions available to a user group.

For example, the Advertising and banners module users can have the following roles:

  • Advertiser can access the module control panel, view their own contracts and manage their banners;
  • Banner manager can manage banners of the certain contracts (contract parameters cannot be configured);
  • Advertising administrator - implies full access to the advertising, including contracts as well as access levels of other users.

You will find a detailed descriptions of roles in the help section, in chapters devoted to respective modules.

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