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The use of page and section properties allows to:

  • manage the display of information on the site in a flexible way;
  • control page meta data (e.g. keywords) for search engine optimisation;
  • control the navigation chain display;
  • etc.

Property type creation

Before you start assigning values to the page properties, you have to create the required property types. This can be done on the Site Explorer settings page (Settings -> System settings -> Module settings -> Site Explorer).

Property types can be specified for each site individually.

  • the type (symbolic identifier) of a new property is specified in the Type field. The property type is used to address the property value in the source code;
  • the Name field contains an arbitrary property name. The name is displayed in the page (or section) properties form.

Managing page properties

Page properties are specified when a page is created or edited in the HTML or text mode.

  • for the text mode, page properties are specified in the Page properties form:

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  • when editing a page in the HTML mode, the Page properties tab is used:
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Property values can be specified in the page code when a page is created or edited in the PHP mode.

Managing section properties

With the section properties, you can:

  • specify the default property values for all pages of a section;
  • create your own facilities to manage the display of information on pages.

    For example, you can insert images that will be shown on section main pages. To achieve this, create a section property to store the name and path to images, and add code that will process values of this property to the site template.
You can open the section property settings form by clicking  (Folder properties) on the administration toolbar of the public section .

You can also open it from the Control Panel by clicking  on the context bar or by selecting the corresponding item in the context menu of a folder.

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