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Last Modified: 17.06.2015

You can create pages using the built-in system editor. The following three editing mode are possible:

  • plain text editor;
  • PHP editor;
  • visual HTML editor.

A user can always switch to a different editing mode, whichever mode is currently active, by clicking the corresponding button on the context panel of the page editing form (having saved changes).

For example, if the PHP editor is active, the following buttons will be displayed in the context panel:

The site pages can contain both static and dynamic information.

  • Static information remains unchanged with time. For example, advertisement, company roots, contact information etc. This type of information can be created and edited by users permitted to edit the site pages.
  • At the same time, eventually changing information (dynamic information) can be also required. Dynamic information is displayed in the page body and can be edited using the system tools. The examples of the dynamic information are: latest company news; catalogue of products and services; photo gallery; random photo; banners, etc.
    This information is usually published using the visual components that are placed and customised when editing a page in the visual HTML editor. Also, dynamic information can be displayed by adding a script to a page. You can add a script in the source code (or PHP) editing mode.

You can open the page editing form:

  • by clicking on the administration toolbar in the public section;
  • by clicking on the Context bar of the Site Manager in the Control Panel. 

For users without any programming skills, it is more convenient to create pages in the visual HTML editor whose tools are similar to those of Microsoft Word. Besides that, the HTML editor shows the page just as it will look in the public section.

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While editing a page in the HTML editor, you can also add a link to it to the menu of the section in which a page is created. To do so, open the Menu tab, specify the item name and select the type of the menu where this item is to be added.

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