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In general, a site is an set of pages grouped in sections by subject. In the system context, sections are folders of the site structure. Sections can contain subsections, independent pages and files.

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Names of sections are displayed in the navigation chain and the logical structure. You can create a new section from the site Control Panel, as well as directly from the site public section.

  • To create a new section from the public section, click on the administration toolbar. By default, a new folder will be created in the site current section.
  • To create a new section from the Control Panel, click on the Site Manager context bar. By default, the new folder will be created in the current folder.

A new folder (section) settings are specified in the new folder creation form:

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Using this form you can:

  • specify the name of a section to which this section refers. This name will be used as the navigation chain item to which the created section refers.

  • add a link to the created section to the site menu;

  • create the section index page.
The section index page is a file that is opened by default if no page is specified in the URL.

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