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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

The Amber user interface (since version 9.5):

The administration control toolbar contains general commands a user may need to manage the site.

Command Description
Opens a dynamic menu for fast access to the Control Panel forms.
This tab, when clicked, closes the currently active Control Panel form and opens the website’s public section.
This tab opens the Conrol Panel’s administrations area. If a user has once switched to the public section from Control Panel previously during a current authorized session, clicking this tab will open the most recently accessed Control Panel form.
Shows the available disk space. This option can be enabled in the Kernel module settings.
Opens the profile editor for the currently logged in user. The Logout link ends the authorized session.
If checked, fixes the Control Panel toolbar on top of the screen so it does not scroll with the page contents.
Adds a current Control Panel form to the favorites list. The form retains all the filter values if any applied.
Opens the settings form for the module whose form is currently active. For example, if you are in any form of the Site Explorer module, this button opens the Site Explorer module settings form.
Opens the context help on a currently active Control Panel form.
Opens the update system main page.
If you choose to use autocheck for updates in the Kernel module settings, this button becomes red and a popup notification message will show if there are updates available.
Switches Control Panel to one of the installed languages.
Opens the list of the current user’s uncompleted tasks, if there are any.
This button is only available if the Business Processes module is installed.

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