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Bitrix Site Manager is the core on which you can build any complex web projects. With Bitrix Site Manager, you do not need any special programming or web design knowledge and skills.

Bitrix Site Manager installs to the root directory of a remote server. An administrator can manage sites via the web interface. To function properly, the server configuration should meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Apache web server version 1.3 or higher;
  • PHP version 5.0.0 or higher;
  • MySQL version 4.1.11 or higher;
  • 10 Mb of free disk space (for the Update System).

Note the following.

Bitrix Site Manager has a modular structure. Each module controls its own elements and parameters which, in aggregate, form the site framework: the structure and content, forums, advertising, subscriptions and mailing lists, user management, statistics etc.

Name of folder in the section:
Name Description Bitrix Site Manager Bitrix24 Self-hosted
advertising Advertising Manages banners on site and advertiser contracts.
bitrix.eshop Web Store Site Turnkey e-Store solution that includes visually attractive templates and functionality to make your online sales and overall business more efficient.
bitrix.sitecommunity Community Site Turnkey community solution with social networking elements like User Profiles, Activity stream, Forums, Blogs, Groups and Instant Messenger.
bitrix.sitecorporate Corporate Service Site Turnkey solution which allows you to deploy a modern website with convenient navigation that features information about your company and the services it provides.
bitrix.siteinfoportal Municipal InfoPortal Site Turnkey solution that contains a well-developed template for supporting an information portal with various types of news feeds, headlines, announcements, blogs, forums, photo galleries, surveys, banners and other elements needed necessary for municipalities or local media outlets.
bitrix.sitepersonal Personal Site Site Turnkey solution to create a Personal Website or a Blog to share your thoughts, photos or music with your firends, relatives or colleagues.
bitrixcloud Bitrix Cloud Service Provides backup storage, CDN and cloud storage features.
bizproc Business Processes A module to create manage and run business processes.
bizprocdesigner Business Processes Designer A module to design, create and edit business processes.
blog Blog Allows creation and management of blogs.
calendar Event Calendar Enables personal, group and company calendars to keep track of all the events in your company and coordinate schedules with colleagues.
catalog Commercial Catalog The Commercial Catalog module is used to create shopping catalogs for goods and services with prices, and price adjustments (discounts); it also features data import and export.
clouds Cloud Storages This module supports cloud storage of files (Google Storage, Amazon S3, Windows Azure Storage, and OpenStack).
cluster Web Cluster The Web Cluster module allows the distributed hosting of a single site on multiple servers.
compression Compression Compresses transferred HTML data for better performance.
controller Site Controller This module lets you manage several web resources simultaneously and allows you to synchronize data flows between the websites.
crm CRM Provides CRM services.
currency Currency The Currencies module provides easy management of currencies and currency rates on the site.
dav DAV The DAV module supports calendar and contact sharing with external services and applications.
extranet Extranet Enables company personnel to co-operate with external partners.
fileman fileman This module manages site content, structure, menus and user access permissions.
form Web Forms This module manages web forms and allows storing and filtering of resulting data.
forum Forum Allows creation and management of forums.
highloadblock Highload Information Blocks This module is used to handle arbitrary data in high load conditions.
iblock Information Blocks The Information Blocks module manages and stores information of various kinds, e.g. news, vacancies, and product lists.
idea Idea manager The Idea Management service capitalizes on the creative potential of all the employees of the company (site visitors).
im Instant Messenger Provides support for instant messaging and notification services.
intranet Intranet This module includes intranet functionality such as company structure, absences chart, employee changes, etc.
ldap AD/LDAP connector Connector module for AD/LDAP simplifies integration of Bitrix products into the existing IT-infrastructure of a modern company.
learning e-Learning This module allows you to create an unlimited number of online training courses or tests for your employees (website visitors).
lists Common Lists This module helps you manage record-based data right in the front-end of your website. Suppliers' directories, product catalogs, expenses, etc.
mail Mail The Mail module is designed to receive e-mail messages, filter, and perform other specified actions.
main Kernel The Kernel module enables the general functioning of the system, integration among the modules, and supports the creation and management of an unlimited number of sites (limited by license).
meeting Meetings and Briefings Module for planning and managing meetings and meeting agenda points.
mobile Mobile application A mobile application for use with the portal.
perfmon Performance monitor Module to monitor site performance parameters.
photogallery Photo Gallery This module is used to create photo galleries with bulk image upload.
pull Push and Pull This module supports push notifications for the IM and conversations to mobile clients.
report Report Wizard A module to create and generate reports for objects (e.g. tasks, leads, deals, orders, products).
sale e-Store Provides e-commerce functionality.
scale Scalability Provides scalability features and scalability management capabilities.
search Search Search module enables site indexing and search.
security Proactive Protection The module combines technical and organizational measures that help you combat malicious programs and unauthorized access attempts.
seo Search Engine Optimization Offers various SEO tools for your site.
socialnetwork Social Network Adds the social network feature (personal pages, blogs, user profiles, friends, ban list, built-in instant messenger, etc.) to your site.
socialservices Social Website Integration Integration with popular social networks.
statistic Web Analytics This module helps you analyze online and offline advertising campaigns, estimate expenses per advertising channel, calculate ROI, analyze the website structure and content, obtain extensive information on visitors, etc.
subscribe Subscription The Newsletter module is used for creating mailing lists and sending newsletters.
support Helpdesk The HelpDesk module helps you organize and manage your technical support services.
tasks Tasks Task management module.
timeman Working Time Management A module to track and control working time of users.
translate Localization The Localization module lets you localize the user interface of the system for any number of languages.
vote Polls and Surveys This module adds visitor poll and survey functionality to the site.
voximplant VoxImplant Integration Adds VoxImplant cloud platform support to the Web Messenger module.
webdav Document library This module allows organization of document libraries for general use, collaboration, and personal storage.
webservice Web Services Provides functions to implement and use web services and SOAP.
wiki Wiki Provides Wiki features for your website.
workflow Workflow The Workflow module is designed for staged processing of static and dynamic data placed on your website, including webpages.
xdimport External data import Provides tools for importing data from external sources.
xmpp XMPP/Jabber Server The XMPP server module allows users of the intranet to send and receive IM messages and indicate online status via a Jabber client.

- the functionality of this module is limited in the Bitrix24 intranet, and incorporated for expanded CRM functionality.

The number of modules in the system depends on the product edition purchased.

The comparison table (at the Bitrix Inc. web site) clearly shows the functional peculiarities of different Bitrix Site Manager editions.

In general, system modules function as independent units. However, in some cases modules can contribute to each other. For example:

  • The Commercial Catalog module extends the Information Blocks module by adding multiple conditional prices, introducing mark-ups and discounts etc.
  • The Workflow module empowers the system with teamwork functions which can be useful for handling elements of the Information Blocks and Site Explorer modules.

After installation, you can view the list of available modules in the Control Panel: Settings -> System Settings -> Modules.

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This table shows the description of each module, the number of installed version, the date of the last update, and the current status:

  • Installed - the module is installed; its functions are available and can be used;
  • Not installed - the module is not installed; its functions are not available.

To free disk space, you can uninstall unused modules. This does not delete the module package; you can always install the module again if required. The Install and Remove buttons beside each module adds the respective module to or removes it from the system.

If a module is installed, it adds the corresponding section and item to the left menu of the Control Panel.

Some modules may add their items dynamically:

Examples of dynamic load:

  • the Information Blocks module loads the list of information block types;
  • the Web forms module loads the list of forms;
  • the Site Explorer module loads the folder tree.

User permissions can be assigned in such a way that some system function or area will become unavailable to a user. You can control user permissions to the system modules on the settings page of each module:

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