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A Wiki — is a website area (or a dedicated website) whose structure and content is created and maintained by the website users using the website tools and functions.

Wiki is an ideal instrument for the creation of knowledge bases, to prepare requirements specification or other documents requiring simultaneous efforts of many people (which makes it, in essence, a perfect tool for teamworking).

Each wiki page features the commenting tools and the versioning control system. The former function enables users to discuss the content of a wiki page in-place. The latter provides means to track, control or undo changes the users make to the wiki page.

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Wiki Module Features

The Wiki module empowers users with the following functions:

  • Edit wiki pages in teamwork mode in the visual HTML editor, or using the standard Wiki markup;
  • Automated tables of contents;
  • Add images to the Wiki pages;
  • Create tags and categories for the Wiki pages;
  • Search for any information by category;
  • Add comments to the Wiki pages (requires the Forum module);
  • Keep the Wiki page change log (requires the Business Processes module);
  • Compare page versions (requires the Business Processes module);
  • Restore the Wiki page state to an earlier version (requires the Business Processes module);
  • Use the standard search form to search Wiki pages (requires the Search module).

Wiki may operate as a separate entity of a website, or as a part of your social network (certain search function limitations apply, however).

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