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Last Modified: 17.08.2021

Integrating Bitrix products into the corporate information system usually requires distributing team members’ permissions to access the Bitrix Framework resources and management.

A common solution of this problem is creating user groups with different access permissions applied to them and further adding users to these groups. In this case, an administrator may face a need to transfer the existing corporate user groups to the Bitrix system to allow users to assess and manage the corporate site resources. This incurs doubling actions required to change access permissions or add a new user to both the corporate network and Bitrix: the administrator has to create or edit a user profile in the corporate system as well as in the Bitrix system.

The AD/LDAP module is developed especially for use with Bitrix products permits mapping corporate network user groups to those of the Bitrix system. This allows to manage user groups of the corporate information system in the centralized fashion.

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