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Last Modified: 11.07.2022

  Module settings

The e-Learning module is configured in the Admin section at the page Settings > System settings > Module settings > e-Learning

Settings field names imply the meaning of values. Some clarifications can be found below:

  • Use visual editor - enables option to use the visual editor In any work, an important tool is essential. Bitrix Site Manager
    has a powerful integrated WYSIWYG editor for handling site pages.
    By using this editor you can edit any site information.

    Visual editor allows to work with:
    - text;
    - graphics and video;
    - components and snippets.
  • Number of courses, displayed in the menu, is not restricted. However, a long list in the admin menu isn't convenient for searching. When there many courses available, we recommend using Sort field values to move most frequently used courses to the top and restrict the number of most displayed courses to not more than 20.
  • In case public components are located not on a standard /learning/ section, you need to re-configure paths to a required section. This is done in the Public Area Path Templates fields. Configuring is done for each site individually.
    In addition to path re-assignment, copy the file search.php from the module's folder /bitrix/modules/learning/install/public/site/en to the directory containing module public section.

  Access permissions

The Access tab specifies levels of access permissions for all user groups that must work with a learning course or have an option to view it:

Note: Site visitors are checked for access permissions to the course only (if the course is available to a visitor for viewing, it will also have access to all sections and lessons of this course, independently from assigned access permissions).


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