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Last Modified: 08.09.2022

To configure the Instant messenger module, go the page Settings > System Settings > Module Settings > Instant Messenger

The Settings tab specifies global settings for module parameters defining the following:

  • video calls server;
  • history, contacts, default message display;
  • messenger panel location;
  • privacy settings;
  • indicating a user's page URL for each template site to establish correct user profile account handling by the module and adding to friends;
  • indicating name format display in contacts list.

Attention: to improve Instant Messenger module performance version 17.0.4 and higher:
  • Update your MySQL database to version 5.6.
  • Then, execute the query database command line:
    CREATE fulltext index IXF_IM_MESS_1 on b_im_message

If you have installed the product at the server with already MySQL 5.6 database installed and higher, no additional actions are required.


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