Time Management

REST methods for Time Management module.

Note. Those methods are operational starting from Time Management module version 17.0.2.

Method Decription Available from version
timeman.settings Returns returns current user workday settings.
timeman.status Returns returns information about current user workday. Starts new workday or continues closed or paused workday
timeman.close Closes workday.
timeman.pause Pauses workday.

By default, those methods are operating with workday of the owner of an authorization token or a webhook. If the owner has the permission rights to record other users' workdays, then he/she can work with workdays of any user.

Similar to the other REST API methods, all Time Management parameters are accepted in ISO-8601 (ATOM) format. Time zone, specified in the passed data, is taken into account and is considered as the time zone of the user. Date when a workday was opened shall be consistent to the current workday within the user's time zone, and the date of workday closure shall be consistent with the workday opening date.

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