Returns array of social network groups, each of which contains a field array when callng CSocNetGroup::GetList(). In this case only groups available to user as per permissions are returned.

Function parameters

Parameter Description
ORDER Corresponds to the arOrder parameter of the CSocNetGroup::GetList() method.
FILTER Corresponds to the arFilter parameter of the CSocNetGroup::GetList() method.
IS_ADMIN When Y is passed, it is verified if the current user is the network administrator. If yes, then when group selection is performed, rights permission check gets disabled.

Returns the same fields as CSocNetGroup::GetList(), except INITIATE_PERMS, SPAM_PERMS and IMAGE_ID (return the IMAGE field, with file field of the corresponding IMAGE_ID instead of the latter).


 // Get a list of all available social network groups, whose name begins with a substring "company" sorted alphabetically by name
 BX24.callMethod('sonet_group.get', {
 'ORDER': {
 'NAME': 'ASC'
 'FILTER': {
 '%NAME': 'company'



{"result":[{"ID":"28","SITE_ID":"s1","NAME":"New company web site development","DESCRIPTION":"Group description","DATE_CREATE":"2013-05-23T15:06:13+04:00","DATE_UPDATE":"2013-05-23T15:06:13+04:00","ACTIVE":"Y","VISIBLE":"Y","OPENED":"N","CLOSED":"N","SUBJECT_ID":"1","OWNER_ID":"2","KEYWORDS":"","NUMBER_OF_MEMBERS":"3","DATE_ACTIVITY":"2013-11-21T15:38:05+04:00","SUBJECT_NAME":"Work groups"}],"total":1}

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