Bitrix24 REST API

Application Structure

All applications developed for Marketplace have to adhere to established design rules to remain consistent.

An application always includes an installer and an entry point. For applications supplied to Marketplace as an archive, the entry point is index.html in the application root, while the installer is represented by install.html. If the application is hosted on a different server, the direct URL's must be provided for the entry point and the installer script.

The application installer is a stand-alone program that will be called when the application is run for the first time by a user with administrative privileges. Remember that a common user will see an error message whenever they attempt to run an application not previously installed by the administrator.

While the installer is just a script much like the application itself, there's one thing that makes it an installer: it must call BX24.installFinish when appropriate to notify the system of successful installation. This will reload the page and run the application.

The update system will call the installer again once and if the application is updated.

If an application does not provide an installer, then the entry point is called instead.

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