Common REST Methods

The following methods are available to all applications irrespective of the current application permissions.

Method Description
methods Shows all methods.
scope Shows all permissions. Displays application information.
batch Executes requests in a batch.
user.admin Checks if a current user has sufficient permission to manage application parameters.
user.access Checks if a current user has at least one permission of those specified as an argument. Returns a human readable name of an access permission.
server.time Returns current server time in ATOM format.
profile Allows getting basic information about the current user without any scopes.
events Retrieves a list of authorized events.
events.bind Installs a new event handler.
events.unbind Uninstalls a previously installed event handler.
events.get Gets list of registered handlers for events.
event.offline.get Returns to application the offline events first in the queue.
event.offline.error Saves records in the database with mark indicating an offline events errors.
event.offline.clear Clears records in the offline event queue.
event.offline.list Clears current queue without its status updates.

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