Returns fields description for a quote, including user fields.


No parameters.




td>Associating with a contact
Field DescriptionType/th>Note
ASSIGNED_BY_ID Associated with a user by the IDuser
BEGINDATA Date of the invoicedate
CLIENT_ADDR Contact addressstring
CLIENT_CONTACT Contactstring
CLIENT_EMAIL Contact e-mail addressstring
CLIENT_PHONE E-mail field fill-up checkcharRead only
CLIENT_TITLE Client titlestring
CLIENT_TPA_ID Client KPPstring
CLIENT_TP_ID Client TINstring
CLOSED Closedchar
CLOSEDATA Date when closeddate
COMMENTS Manager commentstring
COMPANY_ID Linking to companycrm_company
CONTACT_IDcrm_contactOutdated. Saved for compatibility.
CONTACT_IDS Associating with several contactscrm_contactMultiple
CONTENT Quote contentstring
CREATED_DY_ID Specifies the creatoruserRead only
CURRENCY_ID Quote currencycrm_currency
DATA_CREATE Date of creationdatetimeRead only
DATA_MODIFY Date modifieddatetimeRead onl
DEAL_ID Deal, associated with a quotecrm_deal
ID Quote IDintegerRead only
LEAD_ID Lead, associated with a quotecrm_lead
LOCATION_ID Locationlocation
MODIFY_BY_ID ID of the last modification authoruserRead only
MYCOMPANY_ID Company ID, from which the quote is submittedcrm_company
OPENED Accessible for allchar
OPPORTUNITY Amountdouble
PERSON_TYPE_ID Payer type IDinteger
QUOTE_NUMBER Quote numberstringRead only
STATUS_ID Statuscrm_statusStatus from directory
TAX_VALUE Amount sumdouble
TERMS Conditionsstring
TITLE NamestringRequired
UTM_CAMPAIGN Advertisement campaign designationstring
UTM_CONTENT Campaign contentstringFor example, for context announcements.
UTM_MEDIUM Type of trafficstringCPC (announcements), CPM (banners)
UTM_SOURSE Advertisement systemstringYandex-Direct, Google-Adwords and others.
UTM_TERM Campaign search conditionstringFor example, contextual advertising keywords.

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