Methods from family crm.category.* allow universally manage any CRM entity categories that support them (presently — deals and SPAs).

All methods must pass CRM entity type ID (entityTypeId). Because each entity type can have its own capabilities for handling categories, this parameter is required to determine which specifically presently handled.

Access permissions

Querying REST methods considers initiating user access permissions.

Boolean values

Some field values have boolean type (for example, field isDefault).

In this case, to update the values, pass "Y" or "N". Responses will print them accordingly.

Specifics for handling different entity types

As noted above, method operation may slightly differ depending on entity type.

Deals cannot be updated to set category as default when handling categories. Accordingly, the field isDefault for deal categories are read-only (this info can be retrieved via crm.category.fields). Default deal category cannot be deleted as well.

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