Bitrix Site Manager

Editing a document

In this section

  • Context bar
  • Editing form
  • Edit document
  • Uploaded files
  • Comment
  • Control buttons
  • This form is intended for editing documents in the workflow mode. For users convenience, the page if divided into separate tabs.

    Context bar

    Button Description
    List of documents Opens a page containing a list of documents.
    Create new document Opens a form in which you can create a new document in the workflow mode.
    Delete current document Deletes the document being edited.

    Editing form

    "Edit document" tab

    This tab is used to edit the document body.

    Field Description
    Template Template to be used to create the page. Displayed when creating a new document.
    *Site The site for which the document is being created. Displayed when creating a new document.
    Status The document status.
    Created The date the document was created.
    Modified The date the document was last modified.
    Locked The name of a user who locked the document; date and time of locking.
    *Full file name The full file name (with the path). When specifying the full path to the file on server, you must at least have the Workflow permission to the folder you have specified.
    Title The document title.
    Text/HTML The creating and editing mode. If the Use visual editor option is enabled and the editing mode is HTML, document editing is carried out in the visual HTML editor mode.
    "Uploaded files" tab

    To include images or any other files into the document, you must load them into it. It is recommended to type the filename without the path - in this case, it will be loaded into the same directory as the document being edited.

    You can view, download or delete the uploaded files from the document. In the document body, you can use both relative and full paths to the loaded files. You can also insert links to any files located on the server.

    Field Description
    Uploaded files
    ID The unique ID of the uploaded file.
    Name The name of the file.
    Size The file size.
    Uploaded The date and time when the file was uploaded.
    Uploaded by The user who uploaded the file.
    Del. To delete the file, check this box and click Apply.
    File upload fields
    Uploaded file name on server The name that will be given to the file after uploading.
    Local file name The name of the loaded file. To select a file, click Browse.
    "Comment" tab

    This tab is used to provide the document with an arbitrary comment (for example, about moving the document to another status). It does not affect the final view of the file.

    Control buttons

    Button Description
    Save Saves the document.
    Apply Saves current changes. Editing continues.
    Cancel Cancels current changes and restores parameters to their original values.