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Module settings

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  • Settings tab
  • Access tab
  • The Settings form (System Settings -> Settings) is designed to edit the system-wide parameters of the Workflow module. For the convenience of users, the page is divided into separate tabs, each of which contains a specific set of the module parameters.

    "Settings" tab

    This form is used to set basic parameters of the Workflow module.

    Parameter Description
    Use html editor (only for IE 5.0 and higher)When checked, allows to use the embedded HTML-editor for editing documents in the workflow mode.
    Store history of file changes during the common editing (not in workflow module): When selected, allows to save the change history of documents that are edited in common mode (without the use of workflow).
    Maximum time of locking (min.): Maximum amount of time within which a document is allowed to be locked. A locked document cannot be edited by other users.
    How many days to keep document after publishing (<0 - always): Time period (days) within which a copy of a document is stored in the Workflow module history after being assigned the Published status.
    Negative value means the storage period is unlimited.
    Maximum number of last records in history Maximum number of records about a document or an information block element modification stored in the Workflow module history.
    How many days to keep history (<0 - always) Maximum number of days within which the change history of a document or of an information block element is stored. Negative value forces to store the document change history forever.
    Workflow administrators group The group of workflow administrators: users entitled to edit, move, remove documents in any status as well as unlock any documents.

    "Access" tab

    This form specifies the access permissions of user groups for different sections of the Workflow module.

    Field Description
    Default The access level of user groups for which the default value is specified.
    User groups The user group access permission to the module resources:
    • Denied - access denied;
    • Read-only - allows to view files without modifying them;
    • Edit documents in workflow - allows to edit files in the workflow mode;
    • Full access - allows to edit documents in any status and to set module parameters (as well as manage access permission of other users).