Bitrix Site Manager

How to create a new page in workflow

  1. Click the following button on the toolbar: Create a new page in workflow .
  2. Select the page template (for example, Standard page or Include area).
  3. By default, the Draft state is selected. In this case the document will not be published on the site, and other users (with the Workflow right for this document) will be able to view it in the Documents administrator section or edit it. If the user has the right to edit the page (for instance, a site editor), he/she can change the document state and select Ready (for publication) or Published.
  4. In the Name field, enter the full filename. For example, /en/about/contacts.php.
  5. Type the page title. For example, Contact Information.

  6. Enter the required information. To edit text, you can use an HTML-editor, HTML-code or standard text. To select the required editing mode, click the appropriate checkbox.
  7. Select the files (images, etc.) for a new page.
    To insert links to other files (jpg, gif, pdf, etc.) into the document, you should load them into the document, i.e. if you use images in your text, type their names and paths in the Loaded files field. After the document is published, all the loaded files will be moved into the specified directories.
  8. In the Comment field, you can leave a message for other users.
  9. Click Add.

There's another way to create a new page in workflow: via the administration section. To do so, click Add in the window containing the list of documents.