Bitrix Site Manager


Class methods

Method Description
SetComponentContext Stores the component configuration context ($arParams), to be passed to a web service method calling context.
GetComponentContext Returns the component configuration context ($arParams) of a web service. Can be called from  CWebService::GetComponentContext.
SOAPServerProcessRequest Calls the SOAP server handler to process an incoming POST request. The handler is called on a web server instance specified in the method parameters.
RegisterWebService Registers the specified web service.
GetSOAPServerRequest Returns a SOAP request (string) received by a SOAP server.
GetSOAPServerResponse Returns a response (string) of a SOAP server.
MethodRequireHTTPAuth Verifies whether the HTTP Basic authorisation is passed. Used for methods that require authorisation.
TestComponent Calls IWebService::TestComponent of a registered web service being queried.
GetWSDL Returns the automatically generated WSDL code (if CWebServiceDesc->wsdlauto is true).
GetDefaultEndpoint Returns an access point (e.g. for the default web service.
GetDefaultTargetNS Returns a namespace for the default web service.
GetWebServiceDeclaration Returns an instance of CWebServiceDesc via IWebService.
GetInterface Returns an instance of the web service class that implements IWebService.