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Parameter Description
$FaultCode Contains the SOAP error code.
$FaultString Contains the SOAP error description in human-readable format.

CSOAPFault constructor

    string faultCode = "", 
    string faultString = ""


An instance of CSOAPFault is usually passed to the ShowResponse method of a SOAP server, which passes it to CSOAPResponse::payload. The latter can distinguish the type of a response value: an error (a CSOAPFault instance), or the data type. This allows to add SOAP server errors (CSOAPFault) to a server response appropriately. All other data types are strictly encoded according to the web service data type specification, or using CXMLCreator::encodeValueLight.


// Fragment of a SOAP server web service handler
$this->ShowResponse( $cserver, $functionName, $namespaceURI,
    new CSOAPFault( 
        'Server Error',
        'Method not found' 
	) );