Bitrix Site Manager

Creating and editing a poll

This form is used to edit the poll parameters. Upon entering the required information, click Save.

Context bar

Button Description
List Opens a list of polls.
Create Creates a new poll.
Delete Deletes the current poll.
Erase Clears the poll results (votes etc.).
Questions Opens a list of questions of the current poll.
Add a question Opens a form in which you can create a new question for the current poll.

"Properties" tab

ModifiedThe date the record was last changed.
Number of votes Number of votes in the current poll.
Active Indicates the poll is active.
Notify by e-mail upon each vote Select this checkbox if you want to automatically send an e-mail notification for every voting in the current poll.
Sorting index Order of vote sorting at displaying it in a list.
Channel Group to which a poll belongs.
Start date The date the poll is to be started.
Number of days For a new poll, you can specify the number of days within which it will be active and accessible for site visitors.
End date* The date the poll is to finish.

"Description" tab

Image You can load images in the following formats from your local computer: bmp, jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif, png.
Description Poll description in the form of:
  • Text;
  • HTML by using an embedded HTML-editor. It can be used with systems on which Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher is installed. You should also select the Use an HTML-editor checkbox in the poll module settings.

"Limits" tab

Not to vote twice This parameters allows for prohibiting users to vote twice.
  • <No limitations> - votes are not tracked; each user can vote the unlimited number of times.
  • In one session - a user cannot vote twice in the current session (until a browser is re-started, or a session expires).
  • In one session, or with one cookie at the moment of voting, each voter is given a unique ID recorded in the user's cookie; this option doesn't allow users to vote twice in one session, or with one ID recorded in the cookie.
  • In one session, or with one cookie, or with one IP address this option doesn't allow users to vote twice in one session, or with one ID, or with one IP-address (please, note that if the user is connected to the Internet via a modem (dial-up connection), he'll be given a new IP address each time an Internet connection is established).
Not to vote twice with one IP-address If your previous choice was not to vote twice in one session, or with one cookie, or with one IP address, note that users in the local area network of the organization usually have only one external IP address. In other words, if one user in this LAN has already voted, no other user in this LAN will be able to vote. The solution to this problem can be as follows: set the time interval within which the vote module will not allow voting twice from the same IP address.

"Statistics" tab

Register event upon voting If checked, an event will be registered in the Statistics module each time a voting occurs.
Event1 The ID of the event type - event1.
Event2 The ID of the event type - event2.
Event3 An additional event parameter - event3.