Bitrix Site Manager

Creating and editing poll channels

This form is used to create and edit poll channels. There can be only one active poll in a vote channel (defined by the time interval of conducting votes).

Context bar

Button Description
List Opens a list of poll channels.
Create Creates a new poll channel.
Delete Deletes the current poll channel.
Polls Opens a list of polls belonging to this channel.
Create a poll Creates a new poll in this channel.

"Properties" tab

Field Description
Modified The date a record was last modified..
Active Indicates the poll channel is active.
Sort index The sorting index (can be used in the public section of the site for displaying the list of poll channels).
Sites The site where the poll channel is used.
Mnemonic code The name uniquely identifying a poll channel. This name can contain only Latin letters.
Title The title of the poll channel.

"Access" tab

Field Description
Access rights of user groups This form is used to assign access permissions for vote channels to different user groups:
  • vote - voting allowed;
  • denied - all actions are denied, even voting;
  • view results - both voting and viewing results are allowed.

Upon making the required changes, do not forget to click the Save button.