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Translating messages

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Context bar
Form fields
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This page displays language messages for English language as well as for languages whose encoding coincides with the current page encoding. The current page encoding depends on the current language which you can change by clicking the appropriate button in the administration toolbar.

An encoding can be assigned to a language on the Edit language page (Settings -> System settings -> Interface languages), which can be opened by selecting Modify in the Action menu of the required language.

You can edit language messages of the displayed languages, and delete messages of all languages by clicking Delete.

Context bar

Button Description
List Opens the list of language message files.
Show all messages / Show untranslated messages only Click the button if you want either all messages to be displayed, or only untranslated ones. The default display mode is set in the module settings.

Form fields

Field Description
File name The name of the language message file.
Total messages Number of language messages in the file.
Untranslated Number of untranslated messages for each language.
ID The message language ID.
Delete Check Delete and click the Apply button to delete a language message.
language The language message text for each language.

In the source messages, you can find templates like "#ID#" and "#COUNT#". If the original text contains such templates, the translated text should contain them. When the system uses the message, templates are automatically replaced with specific values.

The use of any PHP commands in language messages is prohibited. However, you can use all HTML-tags.

Control buttons

Button Description
Save Saves the language messages. Opens the page with the list of language messages.
Apply Saves the language messages. Editing continues.
Cancel Cancels current changes and restores parameters to their original values.