Bitrix Site Manager


This form (System settings -> Settings -> Translation) serves to set the system parameters of the Localisation module.

"Settings" tab

Initial folders Comma-separated directories to be scanned for the presence of language files.
By default, show only errors when editing When editing a file, check this field if you want only untranslated phrases (errors) to be displayed.

Uncheck this field if you want all phrases to be displayed.

To change the display mode, click the appropriate button on the form of editing phrases.

"Access" tab

This form allows to customise access rights of all user groups, except administrators who always have the full access. Moreover, by editing the default access level you can easily change access policies for all users that have the default permission.

Field Description
By default Controls the access permission of user groups having the default permission.
[Group of users] Controls the specific access permission of user groups. The following access levels are possible:
  • denied - access denied;
  • read all module data - access to view files but not modify them;
  • write - access to view and edit files.