Bitrix Site Manager

Support levels (SLA)

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  • Filter
  • Table
  • This form can be used to create and edit support levels. Support levels are used to range and identify priorities of different users to receive support services.


    *NameFilters levels by their names.
    *IDSpecifies to display levels by their ID's.
    SiteSpecifies to display levels of the specified site.
    *DescriptionFilters levels by their description.

    * - these fields allow using logical expressions. You can seen the syntax of expressions by clicking ? next to the appropriate field.

    Context bar

    Button Description
    Add Click to add a new support level.
    Excel Exports data from the table to the MS Excel format.


    The table below displays site users. To sort the table by a desired field, click on the corresponding column header.

    Column Description
    Checkbox column Used to select levels to which the desired actions are to be applied. Available rules and actions can be found in the action bar below the table.
    Action menu
    Clicking the action button of any level opens a menu allowing to:
    • Modify - edits the level;
    • Delete - deletes the level.
    ID The level ID.
    Priority The service priority weight.
    Site The site on which the level is effective.
    Name The name of the service level.
    Response time Maximum period of time within which replies to tickets are to be given, for this support service level.
    User groups User groups for which the support level is effective.
    Responsible The default person responsible for tickets of this level.
    Selected Number of records selected from the database.
    Checked Number of records marked.