Bitrix Site Manager


This form displays a technical support load graph and diagrams illustrating the quality of technical support operation.


The filter is used to set the parameters for selecting elements for building graphs. By using the filter, you can significantly reduce the amount of information displayed on graphs. The following table describes the filter fields.

Period Defines for which period of time the data is to be displayed on graphs. To set the required range of dates, you can use either a list with the number of days or calendar fields.
Sites Sites containing data which will be used for building graphs.
Responsible This field allows to build graphs only for the specified persons. To use this field, you need the techsupport administrator's permissions.

In this field, you can use special logical expressions. You can see the syntax of expressions by clicking ? next to the field.
Support level Filters data by the ticket support level.
Answer rate
Instructs to display information on tickets:
  • of the specified category;
  • having the specified emergency level;
  • having the specified status or answer rate;
  • originating from the specified source.
Elements to be displayed on graphs This field allows you to specify which graphs should be displayed:
  • open tickets;
  • closed tickets;
  • all tickets;
  • messages;
  • overdue messages.

Click Set filter to activate the filter. To display all information, click Cancel.


Graph of technical support load

This graph displays the number of tickets and messages in the technical support system. This reflects the technical support service load for the specified date and can be used for decision making related to the technical support group performance.

Example of graph

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

Diagram of problem solution length

This graph displays an average number of days required to resolve technical support problems.

Diagram displaying the number of messages required to resolve a problem

This diagram displays the percentage of the number of messages in closed tickets.