Bitrix Site Manager

Creating and editing a dictionary record

This form is designed to create and edit tickets in the technical support dictionary such as:

The table below describes the fields to fill when editing dictionary tickets.

Context bar

Button Description
Dictionary Opens the dictionary for the current type of record.
Create a new record Creates a new record of the current type.
Delete record Deletes the current record.

"Record" tab

TypeDictionary ticket type.
SitesSites on which the current record should be displayed. This field is not used with frequent replies.
Sorting indexSorting order in which tickets are displayed.
TitleTicket name.
Mnemonic codeThe CTicket::SetTicket function accepts not only the dictionary ticket type ID's, but also the mnemonic codes thus simplifying programming. You can enter the desired code here.
DescriptionFor types such as category, emergency, rates and status, this field is used for the tooltip. For the "frequent answer" type, this field is used to enter the answer text.
Set as default... If checked, the current record will be set as the default selection in the new ticket creation form.
ResponsiblePerson responsible for the ticket. Values in this field can be modified only for the following types: category and emergency.

"Statistics" tab

event1The event1 ID of the event type for the statistics module.
event2The event2 ID of the event type for the statistics module.
event3Additional parameter of the event for the statistics module.

Control buttons

Control button Description
Save Saves the dictionary ticket parameters in the database.
Apply Save the subscriber's parameters. Editing goes on.
Clear Clears all the data after the form opening.