Bitrix Site Manager


This form (System settings -> Settings) is intended for customizing the system settings for the Helpdesk module.

Technical support directory (#LANG_DIR# - site directory) Path to the technical support scripts in the public section of the site.
Max size of images loaded (Kb) Maximum size of loaded images for users not belonging to the technical support group.
Display data about users that viewed the ticket for the last (sec.) Timeframe (sec.) after expiration of which information about the user that viewed the ticket will not be displayed.
Default value for the checkbox "Hide a message, not notify an author" If you set this parameter while editing the ticket, the checkbox "Hide a message, not notify an author" will be selected by default.
Default person responsible for new tickets If a new ticket is created by a a non-engineer of technical support, the person in charge may be selected depending on the ticket category, emergency or source (these parameters can be set in the technical support dictionary).

If the person in charge is not defined, the default person responsible for it will be selected in this field.

You can set the following access rights on the form of access rights editing:

Access denied
Access to menus and administrative files of the module is denied; users cannot create tickets.
Technical support client
Access to the administrative menu Tickets is granted; it's allowed to create and edit tickets in the administrative and public files.
Technical support engineer
Access to all menu items and module pages is granted. The user can operate on all tickets he's responsible for.
Demo access
The user can view all tickets.
Technical support administrator
The user can edit the technical support dictionary and any tickets.

All the rights mentioned above are heritable.