Bitrix Site Manager


Perform the following operations to install the module.

  1. Make sure the Kernel version is no less than 3.0.5 (the Kernel version can be checked in the lower left corner of the administrative pages). The installer will not allow you to install the module if the kernel version does not correspond with the required one.
  2. Create a group of users responsible for tickets and a group of ticket administrators.
  3. Move to the page Modules and click Set beside the Techsupport module.
  4. Set the required values of the following module parameters:
    Techsupport directory Path to the techsupport scripts in the public section. If you have specified this parameter at the moment of installation, the specified folder will be created for each site, and all the required scripts will be copied there.
  5. Click Install.
  6. Set up a a menu in the public section of the site for the “ticket_list.php” script.
  7. Fill in the techsupport dictionary.

The installation stipulates creation of the following tables in the database:

After the required tables are created the default dictionary information is loaded.

When the tables are ready, all the required administrative scripts are copied from the directory \bitrix\modules\support\install\public\bitrix\admin\ to the directory \bitrix\admin\.

If required, the directory with the name is specified in the parameter Techsupport directory is created in each site.

After this, the following files are copied to these directories:

All the above files are copied from the directory \bitrix\modules\support\install\public\.