Bitrix Site Manager


record set
 varchar &by,
 varchar &order,
 array arFilter=array(),
 boolean &is_filtered

The method GetList obtains a list of techsupport tickets.


by Identifier specifying the name of the field by which sorting is to be performed. The following values are possible:
  • s_id - by the ID;
  • s_c_sort - by the specified sort order;
  • s_sid - by the symbolic code;
  • s_lis - by the language;
  • s_name - by the name;
  • s_responsible - by the ID of the person in charge;
  • s_dropdown - by the specified sort order and name.
order Sort order. One of the following values is possible:
  • desc - descending (default);
  • asc - ascending.
arFilter An array used to filter values. The following keys are possible:
  • ID - by the record ID (complex logic allowed);
  • SID - the symbolic code (complex logic allowed);
  • LID - the site ID;
  • TYPE - type of the record: "C" - category, "K" - emergency level, "S" - status, "M" - reply mark, "F" - frequently used answers, "SR" - source;
  • NAME - name (complex logic allowed);
  • RESPONSIBLE_ID - the ID of the person in charge;
  • RESPONSIBLE - the person in charge. The search is performed by the user ID, login, first and last names (complex logic allowed);
  • DEFAULT - the "Select as default" flag; "Y" - yes, "N" - no.
is_filtered On return, this variable contains true if the returned list of contracts is filtered by any above criteria, or false otherwise.


$FilterArr = Array(

if (strlen($set_filter)>0)

if (strlen($del_filter) > 0)

$arFilter = Array(
 "ID" => $find_id,
 "LID" => $find_lid,
 "TYPE" => $find_type,
 "NAME" => $find_name,
 "SID" => $find_sid,
 "RESPONSIBLE_ID" => $find_responsible_id,
 "RESPONSIBLE" => $find_responsible,
 "DEFAULT" => $find_default
$tdic = CTicketDictionary::GetList($by,