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This form is used to add destination e-mail addresses, to which your newsletters can be sent, from external files or the form list.  You can easily add a large number of e-mail addresses (for example, when replacing old content management system with the Bitrix Site Manager), thus avoiding manual enrollment of addresses.

To import addresses, specify the source (external file or list), set the import parameters and click Import addresses.

Form fields ("Import" tab)

Import from file The path to the local file from which addresses will be imported. In the file, addresses should be separated with comma or new line:,,,

To find a file from which addresses will be imported, click Browse...
Import from list As an alternative to importing from a file, you can manually specify addresses in this field by copying them form a text editor and pasting into this field (Ctrl+V). Any other import settings has the same meaning as for importing from file.
Send a subscription confirmation code If this checkbox is active, a subscription confirmation code will be sent to each imported address.
Mark subscription as confirmed With this checkbox active, the subscription for each newly added address will be automatically confirmed, even if the subscriber has not obviously confirmed the subscription.
Add subscribers Subscribers can be added as anonymous visitors or registered site users.
  • As anonymous visitors - subscribers will not be registered on the site and no accounts for them will be created.
  • As registered users (creating the account) - subscribers will be registered on the site, and their accounts will be bound to user groups.
Send registration information to users This checkbox is available only if subscribers are added as registered users.

Select this checkbox to send registration information to users (to their e-mail addresses) after enrolling them as site users.
Add users to groups This checkbox is available only if subscribers are added as registered users.

Check this box to added users to user groups. Select groups to which the users should be added. To select more than one group, hold the Ctrl button down while selecting.
Subscribe to... Select newsletters to which you want to automatically subscribe the users being added.
Format Select the format of messages in which the subscribers will receive newsletter.
Send emails based on templates of the site Select the site whose template will be used to create and sent newsletter issues.

Control buttons

Import addresses Runs the process of importing addresses.