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List of subscribers
How to create a subscriber
How to change subscriber's data

The Subscribers form is used to manage single users subscribed to newsletters. By using this form, you can do the following:


The filter is used to set the criteria for selecting the subscribers to be displayed in the list, which allows to easily find any subscriber. You can use the following parameters in the filter:

The table below describes the filter fields.

ID The subscriber ID with which the user was registered in the database. You can use the query language in this field to create complex conditions.
Added Range of dates within which the required subscribers could be added to the database.
Modified Range of dates within which information of the required subscribers could be changed.
E-Mail The subscriber e-mail address used to send messages (newsletter issues).
Anonymous This field is used to sort out subscribers for inclusion into the table:
  • anonymous (not registered on site);
  • registered on site;
  • all subscribers.
User ID The IF of a site User with which he or she was registered on the site. (Compare with ID.) This field is only applicable to registered (not anonymous) users.
Subscriber Personal user information (ID, login, first and last names). This field is only applicable to registered (not anonymous) users.
Confirmed This field is used to select the following subscribers: 
  • whose who have confirmed their subscription;
  • whose who haven't confirmed their subscription;
  • all subscribers.
Active This field allows to pick out subscribers with the following subscription status:
  • active (subscriber receives newsletters);
  • non-active (subscriber is not active);
  • all subscribers.
Format This field is used to select subscribers by the desired format of messages.
Topics Using this field, you can select only those users who are subscribed to receive the specified newsletters. To select several subscriptions, press the Ctrl button and click the left mouse button on the required subscription.

Click Set filter to activate the filter. To display all information, click Cancel.

Context bar

Button Description
Add Adds a new subscriber.
Excel Exports data from the table to the MS Excel format.

List of subscribers

The table displays subscribers selected according to the criteria specified in the filter.

The table below describes the table fields.

Checkbox column Used to select subscribers to which the desired actions are to be applied. Available rules and actions can be found in the action bar below the table.
Action menu
Clicking the action button of any subscriber opens a menu allowing to edit information about a subscriber, or delete a subscriber.
ID The user ID registered in the database. 
Added The date when the subscriber was added to the database.
Address The e-mail address used for sending messages.
Subscriber Subscriber details: anonymous / not anonymous, registered/unregistered, the date of registration.
Confirmed The subscription confirmation status.
Active Active status of the subscription. If the subscription is active, the subscriber receives newsletter issues. Otherwise, messages are not sent.
Format The messages format chosen by the subscriber.

How to create a subscriber

To create a new subscriber, use the Add button, which opens the add/change an address form.

How to change subscriber's data

To edit settings of a certain subscriber, double-click the table row of the desired subscriber.