Bitrix Site Manager


This form (System settings -> Settings -> Subscription) is designed to set the system-wide parameters of the Subscription module.

Module settings

Allow anonymous subscriptionWith this checkbox selected, users can subscribe to the specified distribution without preliminary registration on the site.
Show authorization links if subscribed anonymously With this checkbox selected and the anonymous status of the user (the user didn't perform the logon to the system), the hyperlink proposing the user to logon on to the site will be displayed.
Public section containing the subscription edit pageThe path to the folder in the public section with the subscription customizing page, relative to the site root path. While setting the path, you can use the #LANG_DIR# macro.
Use visual HTML editorIf this option is enabled, a visual HTML-editor is used by default for creating newsletters.
Interval in seconds for stepwise emailing in the "Direct mail" modeThe delay between newsletters sent to subscribers. The Send a message personally mode is used for sending messages individually to each subscriber with the subscriber's address in the TO field of each message.
Default From e-mailE-mail address of the sender to be used by default in all messages.
Default To e-mailE-mail address of the recipient to be used in the TO field of each created message.
Mail message encodingThe list of possible characters codes tables for creating messages.
Allow 8-bit symbols in message headerIf this option is enabled, the characters of the extended ASCII encoding (0-255) can be used. Otherwise, such characters (which are usually used for letters of the national alphabet) are displayed in the Base-64 encoding.
Send images as attachmentsIf this option is enabled, images will be sent as attachments to an e-mail message. Otherwise a message will include only a link to the images.
Days to keep the unconfirmed subscriptionsIf the subscriber does not confirm his/her desire to subscribe to the selected distribution (usually, a user can do it by clicking a link and opening a corresponding page from the subscription confirmation message), after the specified number of days this subscription request will be deleted from the database.
Method of automatic sending issuesSpecifies which method is to be used to schedule the message sending in automated mode:
  • Agent - the automated sending is scheduled using internal facilities of the Bitrix Site Manager;
  • Cron - should be used if the system is installed on a Unix server.
Number of messages to be automatically send by agent during one step in "directly to subscriber" modeSpecifies the number of e-mail messages to be sent at a single run of the agent when sending newsletter messages directly to each recipient.
Method of automatic generationIndicates the method to be used for the automated generation of newsletter issues.
Check period for the issue generationSpecifies the time interval (in seconds) to elapse before the system checks whether a recurrent newsletter message is to be created.

Module permissions

This form is used to customize the access rights of users in the system, except for the Administrator who always has full access permissions. By setting the "by default" access level, you can easily customize the access policy, for all users with the "by default" access level at once.

You can choose one of the following access levels:

Field Description
By default Allows to change the default settings which affects all the user groups with the access level "by default".
[Group of users] Used to adjust the access settings for a certain group.