Bitrix Site Manager


The Newsletter (or "subscribe" for use with the system API functions) module is designed for creating mailing lists. Newsletter issues are sent to groups of registered subscribers or site users, which in their turn comprise mailing lists. With the help of newsletters and mailing lists, visitors of your site can obtain the latest information about your company activities. For instance, subscribers can receive e-mail messages with:


The following terms are used while working with the mailing list module:

A single subject to which site visitors can be subscribed. Users can be subscribed to several newsletters simultaneously.
Site visitors and users subscribed to newsletters. Subscribers can be both registered and anonymous users. Anonymous users are those who are not registered on site.
Mail messages sent to subscribers. A newsletter issue can be sent to:
  • subscribers of a certain newsletter;
  • users from a group with certain rights;
  • random e-mail addresses.