Bitrix Site Manager

Import the list of subscribers' addresses

To add the subscribers' addresses from some external file, first you need to prepare the source file of data.

File preparation

The file containing the subscribers' addresses to import should be properly formatted. Addresses in the file can:

So, a file can look like the following example:,,,


Import of addresses

  1. Open the Import of addresses form (Newsletter -> Import of addresses).
  2. Click the Browse... button and choose the file with the list of addresses.
  3. If the confirmation code should be sent to the added subscribers, select the Send a confirmation code checkbox.
  4. If it's required to automatically confirm the delivery of the subscription issue to all subscribers, select the Select the subscription confirmation checkbox option.
  5. If you need to register added subscribers on the site and to create a personal account for each subscriber, choose the As users... option in the Add subscribers field. 

    If you've chosen the registration of the added subscribers as the site users, then:
    • to send the registration information to each registered user, set the Send registration information... option;
    • choose groups of users which will contain the registered users.
  6. Choose the subscriptions to which the users will be subscribed by default.
  7. Specify the subscription format for sending newsletters to the registered users.
  8. Click the Import addresses button.