Bitrix Site Manager

Create an issue

To create a new issue, do the following:
  1. Open the List of subscription issues (Newsletter -> Newsletter issues).
  2. Click Add.
  3. Choose the message recipients. You have the following options:
    Specify the newsletters whose subscribers will receive this issue. When subscribing, the user specifies what newsletters he/she wants to receive; in such a way the newsletter is assigned to the current user. You can narrow the range of the message recipients by specifying a certain subscription format; when sending a message, it will be delivered only to those customers who have specified the appropriate format.
    Site users
    If you want to send the issue to specific site users, you can choose them from this list.
    Additional filtering of addresses
    You can narrow the message recipients list by setting the filter on the e-mail addresses. For example, if needed, you can send an issue only to subscribers from a certain server. You can filter message recipients by their full e-mail address or part of it.
    Additional recipients' addresses
    If you want to send an issue to users not subscribed to any issues and not included into any user groups, you can specify their electronic mail addresses in this field. Use the comma or carriage return as a separator.
  4. Specify the message fields: From, To, Subject. Subscribers which will receive the message will see exactly this text in the corresponded fields.
  5. Finally, enter the text of the message. 
    You can select the format of the created message. You cannot format a message in the text mode. The HTML mode allows to use any text formatting of the message body. But some users still prefer to receive messages in the text format. In any case, you can choose the required message format.
  6. Choose the encoding of the message. This field should comply with the encoding used in the created message.
  7. It is recommended to have the Send a message personally to each recipient option enabled.
  8. To save a message, click the Add or Apply button. (You will return to the List of subscription issues form after clicking the Add button.)

    Click Send to send the message immediately.