Bitrix Site Manager

CSubscription fields

The CSubscription class uses the following fields with the subscription object.

Field Description Type Required.
ID The subscription ID. int Yes
DATE_INSERT The date the subscription was added. datetime  
DATE_UPDATE The date of the record modification. datetime  
USER_ID The ID of the subscribed user. If NULL, the subscription is anonymous. int  
ACTIVE Subscription active state (Y/N). If subscription is inactive, no messages are sent to this e-mail address. char(1)  
EMAIL The unique subscription e-mail. string(255) Yes
FORMAT Format of the message specified in the subscriber preferences (text/html). string(4)  
CONFIRM_CODE Subscription confirmation code (password). string(8)  
CONFIRMED Subscription confirmation state (Y/N). char(1)  
DATE_CONFIRM The date of the subscription confirmation. datetime