Bitrix Site Manager


The CPosting class is used with subscription issues.


Add The method adds a new issue (newsletter, message).
Delete The method deletes an issue by its ID.
GetByID The method returns an issue by its ID.
GetEmails The method returns an array of e-mail addresses to which the message will be sent.
GetGroupList The method returns a list of user groups to which the message will be sent. 
GetList The method returns a filtered list of issues.
GetRubricList The method returns subscriptions to which the message will be sent. 
SendMessage The method sends the issue message to subscribed e-mail addresses.
Update The method updates the issue properties by its ID.
Lock Attempts to lock an issue. Used with automatic dispatch of the issue messages.
SaveFile Adds an attachment to an issue. The attachment is stored and registered in the file table (b_file).
DeleteFile Deletes one or all attachments of the issue.
GetFileList Returns the issue attachments.
AutoSend Schedules the issue sending via the cron or an agent function.
ChangeStatus Changes the issue status and performs the required action.