Bitrix Site Manager

CPosting fields

The CPosting class uses the following fields with the issue object.

Field Description Type Required
ID The issue ID. int Yes
TIMESTAMP_X The date of the record modification. datetime  
STATUS The issue status. Can be one of the following:
  • "S" (sent successfully); 
  • "E" (error); 
  • "P" (partially sent); 
  • "W" (suspended);
  • "D" (draft).
DATE_SENT The date the message was sent. datetime  
SENT_BCC List of e-mail addresses to which the message was sent; separated by commas. text  
FROM_FIELD The message field "from". string(255) Yes
TO_FIELD The message field "to". string(255) No
BCC_FIELD List of e-mail addresses in the message field "BCC". text  
SUBJECT The message field "Subject". string(255) Yes
BODY_TYPE The type of the message body. Text or HTML. string(4)  
BODY The message body.  text Yes
DIRECT_SEND Specifies to send message to each subscriber individually ("Y"/"N"). char(1)  
CHARSET Charset used in the message header. string(50)  
EMAIL_FILTER Filter used to select e-mail addresses. string(255)  
SUBSCR_FORMAT Filter used to select the message body format. Format is specified in the subscriber preferences. string(4)  
ERROR_EMAIL List of e-mail addresses to which the message failed to send; separated by commas. text  
AUTO_SEND_TIME The time when the issue dispatch is to be started (using either an agent function or the cron). datetime
BCC_TO_SEND Comma-separated list of addresses to which to send issues. text