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Form fields
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This form is used for creating and editing a newsletter issue.

Context bar

Button Description
List Opens a report form containing information about newsletter topics (mailing lists). 
Add Creates a new mailing list.
Delete Deletes the current mailing list.
Check Opens a template checking form where you can test your template used to create and send issues of an automatic mailing list. The template checking form displays a message just as the recipients will receive it; as well as message and template parameters.

This button is available only for automatic mailing lists.

Form fields

"Subscription" tab

Field Description
Active Checking this box enables site visitors to subscribe to the newsletter, and causes the newsletter messages to be actually sent to subscribers
Public Check this box if you want the newsletter to be visible in the public section so that visitors can subscribe to it.
Site Choose the site on which the newsletter subscription link is to be displayed.
Name The name of the newsletter topic (mailing list) just as it will be displayed to subscribers.
Sorting index The sorting index of the newsletter. The more is this value, the higher is the newsletter positioned in lists.
Description for subscribers The newsletter description to be displayed to site visitors. Try to compose a brief and concise description.
Automatic To make a newsletter automated, check this box. For the automated newsletters, sending is carried out as per user-defined schedule.

"Subscription" tab

This section is available only for automated newsletter topics.

Field Description
Time schedule
Last execution time In this field, you have to specify the date and time after which the newsletter issues will not be generated. No newsletter issues will be generated and no e-mail messages will be sent after the time specified in this field.
Days of month If you want the newsletter issues to be generated and sent on the predefined days of month, specify them in this field. For example: 1,2,15-20,25.
Days of week These options are used to select here days of week when the issues are to be generated and sent. For example, if you want to set up a weekly newsletter which is sent on Mondays, check the box Mo.
Time Specify here the time when the newsletter issues are to be sent. You can set your newsletter to be generated and sent more than once a day, for example: 8:00, 16:00, 24:00.
(this section is available only for automated newsletter)
Templates In the Template section, select the template that the system will use for the issue generation.

If no template exists, the system will display an appropriate message. You can create your templates using the API methods (see CPostingTemplate).
Newsletter fields
(this section is available only for automated newsletter)
From The From field is required to be filled. By default, the sender address specified in the Newsletter module settings is used.

Control buttons

Button Description
Creating a new newsletter
Add Adds the newsletter to the database and goes to the list of newsletters.
Apply Saves the subscription issue parameters. Editing is continued.
Cancel Closes the editor form.
Editing an existing newsletter
Save Saves the newsletter parameters and goes to the list of newsletters.
Apply Saves the newsletter parameters. Editing is continued.
Cancel Closes the editor form.

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