Bitrix Site Manager

Sections and pages. Entrance and exit points

In this section

  • Filter
  • Context bar
  • Diagram
  • Report table
  • Example of the page (section) traffic graph
  • Depending on the selection in the tree menu of the function access area, this form can display:


    Period Period to display on the diagram.
    Page / Section* The expression to filter the displayed sections and files. Additionally, you can specify:
    • the site whose sections or pages are to be included in the diagram and report;
    • method to display false requests (error 404): with other pages, only false requests or all pages except false requests.
    View Select the data to include in the diagram: site sections; site pages; sections and pages.
    Advertising campaign Filter to include one or more advertising campaigns in the report.
    Data type for advertising campaigns If you select one or more advertising campaigns to filter the report, you can additionally specify the data type. You can build the graph for:
    • direct hits under advertising campaigns;
    • returns under advertising campaigns;
    • both direct hits and returns.

    * - These fields allow using Boolean expressions. You can get information on the syntax by clicking on the symbol "?" beside the field. For strict searches using this field, mark the corresponding checkbox.

    Click Set filter to activate the filter. To display all information, click Cancel.

    Context bar

    Button Description
    Excel Exports data from the table to the MS Excel format.


    The following is the example of diagram with the legend:

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    For each segment, the legend shows:

    The following figure illustrates the diagram segment legend.

    Report table

    For the Pages and sections report, the table shows the number of hits. For the Entrance points (Exit points) report, the table shows the number of sessions.

    Action menu Number Section/page Hits /sessions/ Percent
     [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
    Selected: [6]
    1. Clicking the action button opens a menu allowing to:
      • Traffic graph for this page - opens a page with the appropriate graph in a new window.
      • Links statistics of this page - displays a path report for this page.
    2. The record ordinal.
    3. The section (page) link and path.
    4. Number of unique hits (the Pages and sections report) or sessions (the Entrance points (Exit points) report) for the specified period.
    5. Percent of hits of this page (section), or percent of jumps from this page (section).
    Example of the page (section) traffic graph

    A window with this graph is opened when the Traffic graph for this page command is selected in the action menu of a section or page.

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