Bitrix Site Manager

Stop list

A stop list is the table containing certain parameters used to limit the visitor access to the site contents and redirect to other resources.


IDThe ID of the required stop list record in the database.
SiteRestricts search to the stop-list records of the specific site.
Start dateThe date the stop list record became active.
End dateThe date the stop list record became inactive.
ActiveFinds either active or inactive records, or both.
Add to statisticsAllows to find records that are to be recorded in the statistics database.
IP addressFins the stop-list records by the IP address of the visitor.
UserAgentSame as IP address, but used with the UserAgent.
FromThe referring page (finds records by the referring pages of visitors who were added to the stop-list).
ToFinds records by the destination pages of visitors who were added to the stop-list.
RedirectFinds records by the mask of pages to which the visitors in the stop-list are redirected.
MessageSelects records by the message that a visitor sees after one is added to the stop list.
CommentArbitrary comment provided by the administrator.
Filter between-field logic Defines how the search is performed:
  • "and" - display records satisfying all criteria;
  • "or" - display records satisfying at least one criteria.

* - These fields allow using Boolean expressions. You can get information on the syntax by clicking on the symbol "?" next to the field. For exact searches using this field, mark the corresponding checkbox.

Click Set filter to activate the filter. To display all information, click Cancel.

Context bar

Button Description
Add Clicking this button opens a form in which you can create a new stop-list record.
Excel Exports data from the table to the MS Excel format.


Column Description
Checkbox column Used to select stop-list records to which the desired actions are to be applied. Available rules and actions can be found in the action bar below the table.
Action menu
Clicking the action button of any stop-list records opens a menu:
  • Modify - edits the stop-list record parameters;
  • Delete - deletes the stop-list records.
ID The ID of the stop list record.
Activity status The indicator denotes the record state:
  • - the record is currently active;
  • - the record is currently inactive.
  • The following fields affect the record activity:
    • the record commencement time;
    • the record expiration time;
    • the record active state.
    Start The date and time the stop list record became active.
    Active The flag indicating the record is active.
    Site The site within which the record is active.
    IP address The visitor IP address.
    Net mask The visitor network mask.
    Stat If yes, the statistics module registers an event of putting the visitor to the stop-list.
    Selected Number of stop-list records selected from the database.
    Checked Number of stop-list records marked in the checkbox column.