Bitrix Site Manager

Creating an event-driven link

You can create a link with parameters event1, event2 and event3 manually or by using the HTML editor.

Example of a download link for file.exe


Example of an external link (URL-encoded)


Creating a link in HTML editor

  1. Open a page in which you want to insert a link.
  2. Switch to visual editing mode in HTML editor.
  3. Select the portion of text that you want to covert to a link and click .
  4. In the new window, select Link to Web location.

  5. Type in the values of event1 and event2 that you had previously used for creating the event type. The field event3 may contain arbitrary value (e.g. name of the current page). This value will help you analyze the jump results more precisely.

  6. Type a link to an external site in the field External link. You can use additional parameters here. For example, referer1=your_site_name and referer2=#EVENT_GID#.
    The parameter referer1=your_site_name will help the statistical system of an external site register your visitors if the extarnal system uses parameter referer1.
    The parameter referer2=#EVENT_GID# allows to register session ID, advertising campaign ID (if any), possible visitor's return.
  7. Click OK.

The resulting link might look as follows: