Bitrix Site Manager

Event type graph

This form shows a graph displaying the number of events of different types on daily basis. You can get more detailed information on event types here.


Parameter Description
Period Period of time for which to display the diagram.
List of events Events to be displayed on the graph.

The Add button opens a window in which you can select more event types to be displayed in the list. The Delete button removes the selected event types from the list.

Context bar

Button Description
Type of graph Click to open a menu in which you can choose the desired type of graph:
  • Summary graph - one graph showing the sum of values of all event types.
  • Separate graphs - separate graphs for each event type.
Value to display Selects the desired parameter to plot:
  • Money - financial counters of events (if those exist);
  • Quantity - count of events .

Graph legend

Below the diagram is the legend showing additional information.

Example of the graph

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