Bitrix Site Manager

Environment variables

The Statistics module implements the following session variables.
Variable Description
$_SESSION["SESS_GUEST_NEW"] "Y" - first time visit; "N" otherwise.
$_SESSION["SESS_COUNTRY_ID"] Double-symbol identifier of the visitor country.
$_SESSION["SESS_ADV_ID"] ID of an advertising campaign under the direct hit.
$_SESSION["SESS_LAST_ADV_ID"] ID of the last advertising campaign that a visitor had either made a direct hit or returned.
$_SESSION["SESS_LAST_USER_ID"] User ID upon authorization.
$_SESSION["SESS_LAST_USER_AUTH"] "Y" - authorized last visit; "N" - not authorized.
$_SESSION["SESS_GUEST_FAVORITES"] "Y" - visitor added the site to Favorites; "N" - not added.
$_SESSION["FROM_SEARCHER_ID"] ID of a referring search engine.
$_SESSION["SESS_SEARCH_PHRASE"] Search phrase that brought a visitor to the site.
$_SESSION["SESS_SEARCHER_ID"] ID of the search engine robot that is currently indexing the site.