Bitrix Site Manager


 int searcher_id

The method GetByID returns information about the specified search engine.


Parameter Description
searcher_id The search engine ID.

Structure of the returned record

    [ID] => the search engine ID
    [DATE_CLEANUP] => date when the expired page indexing data 
                      was cleaned up, on daily basis
    [TOTAL_HITS] => total number of indexed pages
    [SAVE_STATISTIC] => [Y|N] flag: whether to keep information 
                                    on indexed pages or not
    [ACTIVE] => [Y|N] active state flag
    [NAME] => name of the search engine
    [USER_AGENT] => the search engine UserAgent
    [DIAGRAM_DEFAULT] => [Y|N] flag: whether to include the SE
                                     in graph and chart by default
    [HIT_KEEP_DAYS] => days to keep the search engine hits
    [DYNAMIC_KEEP_DAYS] => days to keep information on 
                           site indexing, on daily basis
    [PHRASES] => number of visits from this search engine
                 using a search phrase
    [PHRASES_HITS] => number of hits from this search engine 
                      using a search phrase
    [CHECK_ACTIVITY] => [Y|N] flag: whether to check the activity limit 
                                    of this search engine while the site 
                                    is being indexed

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$searcher_id = 1;
if ($rs = CSearcher::GetByID($searcher_id))
    $ar = $rs->Fetch();
    // print the search engine parameters
    echo "<pre>"; print_r($ar); echo "</pre>";