Bitrix Site Manager


 int id

The method GetByID returns a record from the table containing full site paths and path sections, on daily basis.


Parameter Description
id The ID of the record to be returned.

Structure of the returned record

    [ID] => the ID of the record in the site path table
    [PATH_ID] => the path ID
    [PARENT_PATH_ID] => the parent path ID
    [DATE_STAT] => date
    [COUNTER] => path click count
    [COUNTER_ABNORMAL] => path click count
                          without having received HTTP_REFERER
                          from the browser (see Referrer page)
    [COUNTER_FULL_PATH] => path click count
                           for pages listed in [PAGES]
    [PAGES] => pages that comprise the full path
    [FIRST_PAGE] => first page of the path
    [FIRST_PAGE_404] => indicates the error 404 occurred at the first page of the path
    [FIRST_PAGE_SITE_ID] => the ID of the site of the first page
    [PREV_PAGE] => penultimate page of the path
    [PREV_PAGE_HASH] => hash (crc32) of the penultimate page
    [LAST_PAGE] => last page
    [LAST_PAGE_404] => indicates the error 404 at the last page
    [LAST_PAGE_SITE_ID] => the ID of the site of the last page
    [LAST_PAGE_HASH] => hash (crc32) of the last page
    [STEPS] => number of pages in the path
               (number of pages in [PAGES])

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$path_id = 1;
if ($rs = CPath::GetByID($path_id))
    $ar = $rs->Fetch();
    // print path section parameters
    echo "<pre>"; print_r($ar); echo "</pre>";