Bitrix Site Manager


 string &by = "s_counter",
 string &order = "desc",
 array filter = array(),
 bool &is_filtered

The method GetList returns a list of unknown UserAgent's. The method analyses sessions, and selects all UserAgent's which cannot be related to none of the known search engines or browsers. The UserAgent's of the browsers can be specified in the Statistics module settings.


Parameter Description
by The field by which the sorting is to be performed. The following values are possible:
  • s_user_agent - UserAgent;
  • s_counter - number of sessions.
order Sort order. The following values are possible:
  • asc - ascending;
  • desc - descending.
filter Array used to filter the resulting list. The following keys can be used in the array:
  • LAST - defines which sessions should be analyzed; the following values apply:
    • Y - today's sessions;
    • N - sessions of the previous days (not including today).
  • USER_AGENT* - the required UserAgent (mask or partial string);
  • USER_AGENT_EXACT_MATCH - if set to "Y", the USER_AGENT string must match exactly;
  • COUNTER1 - minimum value of the range to match against the "number of sessions" field;
  • COUNTER2 - maximum value of the range to match against the "number of sessions" field.

    * - complex logic allowed.
is_filtered If this flag contains "true" on return, the resulting list is filtered.

Structure of the returned record

    [USER_AGENT] => UserAgent
    [COUNTER] => number of sessions

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// select information for today
$arFilter = array(
    "LAST" => "Y"

// obtain the list
$rs = CAutoDetect::GetList(
    ($by = "s_counter"),
    ($order = "desc"),
    $arFilter = array(),

// print entries
while ($ar = $rs->Fetch())
    echo "<pre>"; print_r($ar); echo "</pre>";